Chaplain Crowley Has Retired!
Chaplain Jim Crowley retired May 1, 2019 after serving as the Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy (COPC) Executive Chaplain full-time for the past 16 years and over 30 years in ministry. Chaplain Crowley has joined his wife Brenda in retirement. The Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy Board of Directors is excited for Chaplain Crowley. Thanks to Chaplain Crowley’s leadership COPC is well positioned for the transition and set up to continue serving the first responders throughout Central Oregon. The COPC Board of Directors has appointed Chaplain Mike Dismore to the COPC Executive Chaplain position and Joel Stutzman will continue his role as COPC Associate Chaplain. Chaplain Dismore and Stutzman are supported by 17 dedicated and exceptional volunteer chaplains.

May 5th, 2019 was the retirement celebration for Chaplain Jim Crowley at the Christian Life Center, 21720 E. Highway 20 Bend, OR. Thank you to the Christian Life Center!

The Mexican Fiesta Dinner was catered by Cody's Catering, 900 SE Wilson Avenue, Unit B, Bend, Oregon; Phone: 541-383-5014; Email: The meal and the arrangements were excellent! Thank you Cody and staff!

The Emcee for the evening was COPC Board Chairman Dave Pickhardt.

Board Member Pastor Terry Webb opened the evening in prayer

Presentations were made to Jim Crowley from the following:
International Conference of Police Chaplains – Past President Cindy Thomas
Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office – Supervising Deputy Greg Davis & Field Deputy State Fire Marshal Dave Fields
Deschutes Cpunty Sheriff's Office – Captain Deron McMaster & Sheriff Shane Nelson
Bend Police Department – Deputy Chief Paul Kansky & Police Chief Jim Porter
Oregon State Police – Major Joel Lujan
COPC Board – Jim Adkins, Kevin Dieker, Hadley Hawkins, Brent Landels, Deron McMaster, Dave Pickhardt, Terry Webb

Chaplain Jim Crowley then addressed the people there to honor him.

Chaplain Mike Dismore shared a few more remarks about Chaplain Jim Crowley.

Retired Chief Jim Soules gave the keynote and closing speech.

Chaplain Joel Stutzman closed the evening with prayer.


2019 COPC Golf Tournament

Aug 9, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Oregon Chaplains Academy

Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation

The Officer Down Memorial Page

Link To Our National Anthem

COPC is a not for profit ministry that exists for the soul purpose of serving and supporting our First Responders, Law Enforcement, Fire, Medics, Dispatch - any calling that runs into what everyone else runs from! We serve our men and women with the focus to assist them and while we are doing that our chaplains serve and support the communities of Central Oregon gladly. We walk in the trench with our First Responders.

I am a Veteran and have served my country in a war that some reduced to a conflict.

It seems to me that it becomes real easy for folks to forget the price that is paid when our First Responders and Veterans try and do the right thing and stand in the gap for a member of the community who they don't even know.

I was sent a link to the background info for our National Anthem. I invite you to listen to the story and you won't ever listen to our National Anthem the same again. Pray for our First Responders and our Vets as they deserve this moment of prayer. It's the least we can do today!

Thank You for your Service and Support. First Responders we love you.

Thank You Vets and First Responders for your willingness to make things right and stand in the gap for the community.

Just A Chaplain

Link to our National Anthem:

Notes from the COPC

Introducing our newest Chaplain Skip Hinton!
Skip Hinton and His wife, Missy, met at Victory Baptist Church in Bend, OR in the Fall of 2002. They were married in the Spring of 2006, and they have been blessed with seven children. They departed from Oregon in order to attend school, and returned to Central Oregon in 2015 after graduating from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. Skip is the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Prineville, OR and our newest chaplain with the COPC team. He recently graduated the chaplain’s academy in Salem and is thrilled about the opportunity to serve his community and their first responders!
“Who Do We Need to Follow?” – Hebrews 13:7

As one of the newest members of COPC, I have been amazed at the Legacy that I have arrived upon. I am writing this while sitting in my dorm room at the Oregon Chaplains’ Academy at the DPSST complex. I came here as a stranger, but I was able to drop a couple of names and suddenly found myself as a part of the “In Crowd” here at the academy. To that, I want to say thank you to Jim Crowley, Mike Dismore, and Joel Stutzman! Your testimony of Trust, Respect, and Faithfulness is certainly apparent in the realm of Chaplaincy throughout the Pacific Northwest!

In some ways, I can relate to these cadets who surround us here at DPSST as they drill near the memorials that have been erected to honor the Fallen Law Enforcement and Fallen Fire Fighters who have gone before them. We haven’t put on our uniforms. None of us have been on a call. Yet we are all marching in the shadow of giants! One of them asked me, “Why are you here?” I responded, “We are here because you are here.” They are entering into a legacy, and we are entering into ours.

I am eager to graduate from the Academy and enter back into Crook County with the tools and equipping that will allow me to be what we have been called to be. I am thankful for the core of support that we have available for those times when we learn that we don’t have all of the answers. I am humbled by the courage and duty of those we have been called to serve. It is an honor to follow the faith and duty of the honorable men and women who have gone before us. It is my prayer that we may honor them as we continue to carry their torch.

Chaplain Skip Hinton

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