On March 9th, 2017 the COPC Board of Directors voted to change the name of Central Oregon Police Chaplaincy to Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy. This name change better reflects the mission of COPC: "Serving the Hearts and Minds of Central Oregon’s First Responders". Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplains serve the Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, EMS, Search & Rescue, and Dispatch Centers of Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties!

The Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy is a Biblically-based, non-profit ministry that exists to serve and support all law enforcement and emergency services personnel and their families within Central Oregon.It is our goal to provide Christ centered service and ministry to members of all faiths while fulfilling our purpose and to provide a ministry of presence, relationship, support and counsel to the Central Oregon Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Personnel and their families; influencing them with God’s grace and love.

It is our mission to care for the troubled and those who have endured loss, been victimized by events and tragedy that have left them abandoned, helpless and without hope, while in contact with the community. We provide professional training for our chaplains and consistent care and counseling for those we serve.

Welcome to COPC

I'd like to welcome you to the COPC website.  We're very privileged to have a number of highly qualified and effective chaplains who serve the First Responders in Central Oregon.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about COPC or chaplaincy.
Chaplain Jim Crowley - COPC Executive Chaplain


Assisting Individuals & Group Crisis Intervention Course

Nov 28, 8:00 am – Nov 30, 5:00 pm

2019 Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show®

Feb 28, 12:00 pm – Mar 3, 4:00 pm

Oregon Chaplains Academy

Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation

The Officer Down Memorial Page

Link To Our National Anthem

COPC is a not for profit ministry that exists for the soul purpose of serving and supporting our First Responders, Law Enforcement, Fire, Medics, Dispatch - any calling that runs into what everyone else runs from! We serve our men and women with the focus to assist them and while we are doing that our chaplains serve and support the communities of Central Oregon gladly. We walk in the trench with our First Responders.

I am a Veteran and have served my country in a war that some reduced to a conflict.

It seems to me that it becomes real easy for folks to forget the price that is paid when our First Responders and Veterans try and do the right thing and stand in the gap for a member of the community who they don't even know.

I was sent a link to the background info for our National Anthem. I invite you to listen to the story and you won't ever listen to our National Anthem the same again. Pray for our First Responders and our Vets as they deserve this moment of prayer. It's the least we can do today!

Thank You for your Service and Support. First Responders we love you.

Thank You Vets and First Responders for your willingness to make things right and stand in the gap for the community.

Just A Chaplain

Link to our National Anthem:

Notes from the Chaplains

Give Thanks!

Giving Thanks is an expression that goes beyond an event, a call or the atmosphere of yuk that we find ourselves in periodically. It goes beyond ourselves.

I heard it said on more than one occasion we have to reach down deep inside to retrieve who we really are - all the way to the bottom! It is a discipline that brings homeostasis and resilience to what may be temporary.

I had to think a long time before I could throw that out there! Is that really true? Does being thankful help me with balance and staying healthy? In the moment if the smallest activity can bring us back to the center line of life and priority I believe it will!

Another cup of coffee from the waitress that is supposed to be bringing coffee - Thank You! A server accomplishing their tasks interrupted with an offering of thanks for their expected work.

A First Responder - A Chaplain doing what we do bringing a sober moment to pause when we hear the words - Thank You. Even Giving Thanks to God our Creator! He’s doing what we expect and often times take for granted. He gets paid the big bucks to accomplish His job how about giving Him Thanks.

While at a swearing in ceremony with one of our agencies I was reminded of some words that I had read a long time ago - a quote by Winston Churchill by one of our good Captains attempting to give perspective to brand new troops - “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what you give.”

I’ve paraphrased the small yet investing thought. We can say it in other words - each one gives what he has!

We will all be stronger mentally and spiritually if we can muster up the energy and discipline to simply say Thank You. I’ve seen folks do this during incredibly difficult impact and hardship. We can do this! Have a Safe and Blessed Season of Giving Thanks!

“Give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make his deeds known to all people!”
Psalms 105:1 CEB

You Are Loved and Appreciated

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Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy

PO Box 1898
Redmond, OR   97756

COPC Web Master

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