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Why Relationships are Always Important
     Each of us have acquaintances and close friends. Acquaintances are individuals we know a little bit about, but not too much. Close friends, we share everything with and do crazy things together. This past year has made it difficult for many of us and having those healthy relationships that are a source of emotional, spiritual and loving support to lean on when we are struggling are even more important. Who do you lean on when you need support?
     The Bible has a great deal to say about relationships with other people. God wants us to grow in our ability to relate to people the way He wants us to. Are we being encouraging and supporting to others? Matthew 22:37-39 (NIV) Jesus says: ‘“Love the Lord. Your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” ‘This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is “’Love your neighbor as yourself.”
     Our relationship with God is vital to our Christian walk, whether in your dating life, the health of your marriage, friendships with co-workers, or your family relationships, these relationships also reflect on your personal walk with the Lord. The most important relationship in our lives, as Christians, should be with God, walking in faith with Christ. Through knowing Christ, we are able to have better relationships with those around us. John 15:13 says “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
An important word to describe the kind of relationships we all want is "deepening." This simply means that we do not stay at a level of superficiality—knowing a few personal things about people and asking how things are going, but never going deeper with people. You can't go deeper with everyone, but the biblical command to bear each other's burdens (Galatians 6:2) seems to imply something deeper than a passing, "Hi, how ya doin’?" We didn't use the word "deep" but rather "deepening" because relationships are always in process. They are not static, and they take time. They don’t happen overnight. It takes work. Don’t give up just because things become difficult.
     An important concept to describe the relationship God is calling us to is the word “supportive.” This is where love especially comes in. We are talking about relationships “of love.” And love means that you have a heart to lighten people’s load as you get to know them. Love means that your desire is to be a load-lifter, a burden-bearer, a helper, a strengthener. Maybe you carry the “backpack” for someone else.
     We need all these things ourselves. But, if you go into a relationship mainly to use the other person to meet your needs, it will very likely fail. You will be most encouraged if you live to be an encouragement (Acts 20:35). Relationships thrive when we try to outdo each other in supporting not in being supported.
     How do we build relationships with others? Are there Bible verses to help us? Yes. Here are a few: Philippians 4:8 calls us to focus on things that are true, noble, right, lovely, pure, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. What a great start to good marriages, friendships, and so forth when we build with these thoughts. Patience and gentleness help us, as does bearing with one another. Each of us have faults, so we are wise to make allowance for weaknesses. See Ephesians 4:2 for more. Honesty helps godly relationships grow. Colossians 3:0 implores us “Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices.” Perhaps the most impactful word for building solid marriages, friendships, and other connections comes in the four-letter variety: LOVE. 1 Peter 4:8 champions loving well: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” What are you doing to love others? Let’s make a difference around us.
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