Central Oregon Public Safety Chaplaincy

Serving the Hearts & Minds of Central Oregon's First Responders


“Stronger Together”

I have been reflecting lately what a blessing it is in my ministry as a Chaplain to have the unwavering support of my spouse. When I am awakened in the middle of the night, she is as well. Upon leaving to go out on a call she prays over me for the Lord's leading and for safety. As I return home hours later, I find her still up, having prayed during my absence.

On my "On Call" days my schedule affects her availability for participating in activities and as a couple it curtails our comings and goings. We are both aware to remain in our local area on those days. Proverbs 31:10 “An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels”. As we serve the First Responders let us recognize that their spouses and families are affected in much the same way: with rotating schedules, long shifts, missed holidays, birthdays etc.

To Chaplains and First Responders: A reminder to thank your spouse and family for their support of allowing you to answer the Calling in your life. Philippians 2:3-4 “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you not only look to his own interests but also to the interests of others”.

As we work together in service let us remember what scripture tells us. Hebrews 3:13 “Encourage one another daily as long as it is called "Today" so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness”. None of us are in this alone. We have each other and the covering of the Lord.

Joshua 1:19 “Be strong and courageous, do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you!”

Chaplain Stephen Gilday